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Prairie Organic Spirits Process

Crafted for those who appreciate hard work and all that it yields.

Our story begins with a Minnesota co-op of family farmers who don’t compromise to keep things free—free of harmful chemicals, gluten, and GMOs. Just organic vodka and gin distilled to taste, rather than a set number of times. That’s because climate, soil, and moisture levels give each small batch its own unique character. Nature leads, we follow.

Our farmers work in their fields up to three times longer than conventional farmers – often weeding by hand – to cultivate the nutrient-rich soil and organic corn. They farm the hard way, like the original settlers and farmers on the Prairie.

Close to the land.
Close to the farmers.

Before our farmers plant a single seed, they spend three seasons carefully preparing their fields. Once the soil is ready, a 25-foot buffer crop is planted to ensure chemicals from neighboring farms don’t contaminate the corn.

Organic Corn
Organic Field

Since our farmers don’t use herbicides, they create old-fashioned prairie fires to naturally control unwanted weeds. And because they don’t use harmful pesticides either, they rely on native birds and bats to consume the insect populations, allowing the fields to be the ecosystems that nature intended.

Prairie Wildlife

Wildlife plays an important role in organic farming and in the lifecycle of the organic corn for Prairie Organic Spirits.

Red Fox

Red Fox

Foxes are seldom seen, but you’ll find their footprints in the cornrows.

Ring-Necked Pheasant

Ring-Necked Pheasant

Pheasants spend fall mornings gathering gravel in roadside ditches to better digest corn.

Brown Bat

Brown Bat

Bats are a natural pesticide for an organic farmer. You’ll find them swarming above the cornfields for a midnight snack.

Made in Minnesota

Growing Area

Since the finest spirits are made from distilled grain and water, we have chosen a place rich in both: Minnesota. The land of 10,000 lakes is also the heartland of American corn, the grain that makes Prairie Organic Spirits so smooth.

After harvest, the corn is brought to a farmer owned co-op where it is ground up and put into a mash where it ferments. From there, the mash is delivered to the Prairie distillery where the fermented mash is put in a copper still and heated. When it boils, the alcohol separates from the mash. From there, the alcohol is distilled to taste, never a set number of times, then bottled.

Flow Chart