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Every premium sip of Prairie Organic Spirits is bottled up with the best of the Midwest. Our organic farm crafted spirits are made with 100% USDA certified organic corn, and each batch is taste-tested until it reaches next-level perfection. This means you can 100% count on enjoying it for all of the right reasons: it’s sustainable and delicious.

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For every occasion, there’s an oh-wow! cocktail. And for every skill level, there’s a perfect recipe. Try these fan favorites and explore more delicious sips on our recipes page.

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Cocktail Complexity Scale

Quickly spot the right organic cocktail recipe for you with a little help from our handy dandy cocktail complexity scale. It factors in the time it takes to make a recipe, the number of ingredients you’ll need and tools required. Happy mixing!

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Sustainable from Harvest to Happy Hour

With every step we take to create Prairie Organic Spirits, we make sure we’re staying true to sustainability. Take a closer look at how we craft premium vodkas and gin with respect for Mother Nature, our farmers, and our neighbors (yeah, we’re talking about you).

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