Spirit of Change Fund

Giving 1% of Sales to Help More Farmers Go Organic.

Did you know that more than 99% of U.S. farm land isn’t organic? Together, we can change that. Through our new Spirit of Change Fund, we’re giving 1% of sales to help more farmers go organic. Every time you drink Prairie Organic Spirits, you’re not only getting award-winning taste. You’re also supporting organic farms and making a lasting impact on the environment. So, raise a glass and enjoy doing good.

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Make Your Cocktail Count

Watch as Claire Sprouse, beverage expert and bartender, uses our award-winning spirits to craft sustainable cocktails.

Prairie Organic Vodka Bottle USDA Organic

Prairie Organic Vodka

Hints of melon and pear on the nose, creamy on the palate, bright and smooth at the finish. The original Prairie spirit made for those who appreciate hard work and no compromise.

Prairie Organic Cucumber Vodka USDA Organic

Prairie Organic Cucumber Flavored Vodka

Mild cucumber on the nose, fresh on the palate, crisp at the finish. Pure and refreshing to the last sip.

Prairie Organic Gin Bottle USDA Organic

Prairie Organic Gin

Bursts of herbs, sage, juniper and exotic spices, complementing a dry and refreshing taste with a long, delicate finish. It’s smooth from the ground up and easy going down.

Prairie Organic Navy Strength Gin Bottle

Prairie Organic Navy Strength Gin

The first release of the Prairie Organic Small Batch collection, this bold gin has citrus notes of lemon zest, floral notes of angelica root, and a variety of spices with a peppery finish.


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